Andrew Fulton becomes Head of Operations

Andrew Fulton has become the ICL UK as Head of Operations. The post will see him work closely with both the Mine Manager and the Surface Operations Manager. He is the principal and founding member of GatesBridge Ltd, working as an independent consultant and interim operations manager delivering solutions to the mining industry.

He brings vast experience to his new role at ICL UK having been an engineer and operations manager with 20 years of experience in leading business, operational and technical teams. Among his many other professional achievements he held the post of general manager for one of the top 5 global mining houses with the responsibility for operating the largest underground coal mine in Southern Africa.

We sat down for a catch up with Andrew to find out more:

What does your role as Head of Operations entail?
It’s a bit complicated to boil down to just a few words but part of the remit comes as a result of changes to mining regulations which have moved responsibility from the mine manager to the mine owner. In short, I will be looking at what we have done in the past, analysing why we are where we are and putting in place plans to stabilise and improve the business.

Why have you decided to make the change from your previous job?
Throughout my career I have led programs that set out to achieve sustainable performance, all through sound planning, workforce engagement and building teams that thrive on delivering operational excellence. This, more recently, has been in a consultative role. What I really enjoy is not only advising on what needs to be done, but working together to deliver the required results. This role at ICL UK offers both.

How do you see the immediate and short-term future in your new role? Any specific challenges?
I expect to be busy! I’ll be striving to deliver results that we can all be proud of – in safety, in throughput, in engineering and in economic value.

  • Reduce the current variability in performance
  • Identify the best value option for ICL UK’s mid to long-term future
  • Communicate, communicate and communicate.

Two years ago this was a mine about to recruit a further 300 personnel, a mine on an expansion program. Now we are discussing a very different set of circumstances – it’s viability.

Putting commodity prices aside we need to objectively understand why we are at this juncture, what the best value option is and how as an organisation we can become more resilient to external factors.

Off the bat – the answer lies with predictable performance, the right product mix at the right price.

What about your personal life – family, where are you from, where do you live, any hobbies/pastimes/interests?
I’m as old as the mine.
Born in Scotland, bred in England – I’m British.
Home right now: Doncaster – God’s own country (but only just).
Married to Carol, we are a family of six. Eldest son studying petroleum geology, and the other three are still at school.
Looking forward to the 2015 RWC.
I enjoy trout fishing – when I can find the time.

We wish Andrew every success in his new role here at ICL UK!