Boulby completes work to secure Mine Shaft Tower

A major maintenance and repair programme has been completed to help secure the future of a vital asset at the ICL Boulby Mine in East Cleveland.

The project has involved a range of works in the Number Two Shaft Tower which services the 1100m deep shaft which is used to transport men and materials to and from the mine workings.

The shaft tower which has undergone maintenance and repair at ICL Boulby.

Explains Boulby’s Head of Engineering Grahame Wallace “This has been a very significant project which has involved a great deal of planning and preparation. In total it has involved 30,000-man hours and has been completed without incident”.

“The main elements of the programme have included the removal and replacement of 140 tonnes of reinforced concrete, the replacement of 500 metres of steel reinforcement and anti-carbonation coating on the external and internal walls of the shaft totalling 7000square metres”.

“Undertaking such a complex operation has involved close co-operation between the operational and project teams involved and it is to the credit of all involved that the successful completion of the work will help to extend the life of the shaft for around 20 years.”