‘Spring Time at the UK’s Deepest Mine’ – A tribute to Boulby

Our Communication Team at Boulby has captured an awe-inspiring photograph that perfectly depicts the essence of our mine. The picture showcases the team’s hard work towards preserving our environment and landscapes, and contributing to biodiversity. As a result, a poem was created, serving as a tribute to the team’s dedication and commitment to excellence.


“In North East England, by the sea so grand,

Lies Boulby Mine, on rocky land.

Above a cliff so steep and high,

Miners delve and toil, without a sigh.


Their days are long, their work is hard,

But they press on, with no disregard.

For poly and salt beneath the earth,

They tunnel and dig, for all they’re worth.


The hours are long, a test of time,

But they’re a team, through any climb.

For Boulby Mine is more than a place,

It’s a community, with a strong embrace.


So salute the miners, who work so brave,

In Boulby Mine, below the big, deep waves.

Their dedication and strength are true,

And they inspire us all, in all they do.”

Boulby Mine within green landscape close to the coastal hiking route the Cleveland Way

This photograph stands as a reminder of the importance of balancing progress with environmental responsibility. A few examples in which ICL Boulby contributes to biodiversity and sustainability are:

  • Implementing sustainable practices such as reducing waste, conserving energy, and using eco-friendly materials.
  • Supporting conservation efforts such as protecting natural habitats and endangered species.
  • Encouraging employees to take part in environmental initiatives and volunteering opportunities.
  • Helping offset carbon emissions, improving air and water quality, and providing important habitats for wildlife by tree planting on site.
  • We are also the world’s first and only mine that mines and processes a unique low carbon, organic fertiliser – Polysulphate.


Our ICL teams are setting a positive example for others to follow, and we hope that others will be inspired by our dedication to sustainability.