Boulby Football Team Celebrates Historic Triumph in Germany

Move over Lightning Seeds (Three Lions (Football’s Coming Home)), there’s a new band in town – and it’s not just sung, it’s chanted! The unlikely chanters? None other than the victorious team of ICL Boulby, who have finally brought the ICL European football trophy home after three attempts and two heart-breaking final defeats.

Representing Boulby with Great Sportsmanship: Meet the Teams!

The mine submitted two teams – Boulby A and Boulby B – who showed exceptional enthusiasm and sportsmanship. Boulby A consisted of Bobby Gee, Tom Allen, Zach Hodgson, Cameron Powell, Billy Payne, Josh Spence, James Field (Captain), Ben Marshall, and Rob Jones. Meanwhile, Boulby B was composed of Daniel Lowery, Marc Brown, Kyle Harford, Stuart Murdoch, Ian Smith, Kevin Brown, Anthony Pierson, Steve Bedingfield, and Louis Robson.

The ICL Boulby Football Team

The one-day tournament held in Mechtersheim, Germany saw 26 teams compete across two competitions. In the performance competition, Boulby A Team faced tough competition from previous winners, ICL Ladenburg and Iberpotash A, but managed to secure two victories in the final group matches to qualify for the semi-finals. Boulby B Team also performed well in the second competition, finishing in third place.

Boulby A Team Triumphs in Intense Performance Competition Final Against Ladenburg

In the highly anticipated Performance Competition, ICL Ladenburg and ICL Boulby A teams won their semi-finals to set up a repeat of the last final in France. Boulby emerged victorious with a 2-0 win in their semi-final and faced Ladenburg in the final. The game was played in great spirit, with both teams putting up a tough fight. The match finished 0-0 after 12 minutes, but Boulby’s secret weapon in goal, Bobby Gee, stepped up and saved two German penalties in the shoot-out to lead Boulby to a 3-1 victory.

Richard Ward, Sales Manager at ICL Boulby Mine says: “All of the players in both A and B teams did themselves and the company proud in Germany on and off the pitch, playing with great spirit, skill and sportsmanship throughout the day. For the A team to play seven matches without conceding a goal was a fantastic effort and they fully deserved their victory. We would also like to place on record our thanks to our hosts for organising a fantastic day and looking after us so well.”

But it doesn’t end there for the Boulby team. Daniel Lowery was also named the top goalkeeper of the day at the recreational tournament, showcasing his exceptional skills between the posts. His quick reflexes, precise positioning, and fearless demeanour were instrumental in securing the team’s victory. Lowery’s performance was nothing short of impressive and he proved to be a valuable asset to his team.

James Field, Boulby Team Captain and Assistant Surveyor at the mine recalls the event: “It was an unbelievable experience with an even better result. Doing it with a top-class group of lads makes it even sweeter. It’s coming home!”

The win sparked celebrations amongst the Boulby team, who had finally achieved their long-awaited victory.