Boulby’s Bringing Colourful Wings Back to the Community

ICL at Boulby is at the forefront of a campaign to encourage more local businesses to be environmentally conscious. Already leading the field with their commitment to protecting wildlife and supporting nature conservation, a new project has been introduced to re-establish a rare butterfly.

Launched as part of the Year of Partnership for ICL, which is running throughout 2023, the mine has been working closely with the Redcar-based Industry Nature Conservation Association (INCA) to ensure that nature conservation plays a major part in economic development projects.

Boulby has been a long-standing member of the organisation and this partnership has resulted in a bid to re-introduce a number of Small Pearl-Bordered Fritillary butterflies into suitable habitat in Mines Wood.

This conservation priority species was formerly found in these woods but has suffered a severe decline in numbers in England. With the help of net cages to provide a safe environment, Boulby hopes to see the butterfly quickly re-establish.

The company believes good intentions and warm words aren’t enough, it’s important that action is taken. To that end, part of their biodiversity action plan has retained and managed the Mines Wood and Ridge Lane Wood areas, located near Dalehouse for several years now. These areas are known for their highly positive and significant contribution to local wildlife.

As a company, ICL Boulby is proud to be leading the way in environmental consciousness and supporting local wildlife. It’s hoped that their commitment to nature conservation projects will serve as an example for other businesses to follow in their efforts to protect our planet.