October ‘Bring a Tin’ Campaign: A Huge Success Thanks to Generous Donors

We would like to express our thanks to all those who donated to our October ‘Bring a Tin’ Campaign.

We are thrilled to announce that together we collected a staggering 96kg of non-perishable food items from Boulby and Tees Dock meaning that both sites have collectively gathered enough food, which will be divided between East Cleveland Good Neighbour (ECGN) and Whale Hill Community Centre.

“East Cleveland Good Neighbours are extremely grateful for the support the Boulby mine give us. We are facing huge demand and these donations will help us support the community.” Says Linda White, Chair of East Cleveland Good Neighbours.

Communications Manager for ICL, Katie Robinson handing over donations to ECGN.


In addition, we have successfully raised £480.50 for charity. As part of their commitment to giving back, ICL pledged to match our fundraising efforts with £5 for every kilogram raised.


Olwyn with members of the Tees Dock Team showcasing some of their donations.

Olwyn Peters, our Commercial Assistant at Tees Dock and Chairperson of Whale Hill Community Centre gives thanks: “I would like on behalf of the committee and Volunteers at Whale Hill Community Centre to thank ICL Tees Dock & Boulby for their fantastic bring a tin to work month.”

“The food is always greatly appreciated and well distributed to our community, as the last few years have been really difficult for everyone. Every food item we are donated is greatly appreciated.”