Cancer Support Drive after the death of much-loved father of a Boulby worker

Michael Barclay, who is one of our Technical Process Technicians, is calling for support as he works to set up a charity to benefit people afflicted by cancer. The Ray Barclay Foundation has been set up in the name of his father by Michael:

“My dad was diagnosed with melanoma, which is a form of skin cancer, last year until he finally passed away in January of this year,” he said. “It was a long and very painful journey, which I still haven’t fully processed, but it made me very aware of the things that could be done to make the situation more tolerable for sufferers and their families,” he added.

Ray Barclay and son Michael

Work on setting up the charity is still underway but it has two clear aims as it seeks to make a difference, however small, to the comfort and support of cancer patients and their loved ones.

The first goal is to contribute towards making and maintaining family rooms adjacent to the loved ones’ palliative care rooms in hospitals. The second is to contribute towards ensuring oncology departments have as much backing as possible as they seek to provide the best of care with the latest equipment.

“Whilst the main thrust at the moment is towards those with melanoma, we want to help all cancer sufferers and give them and their families support, comfort and dignity as they enter the final stages of their life,’ explained Michael.

The key to achieving that is quite simple at this stage – financial and moral support.

“I really need local companies to come on board to help me achieve my goal of becoming a registered charity. Regular donations, however small, would be invaluable and I would also welcome any small fundraising events that people care to set up – that would be wonderful,” said Michael

The first official fundraising event will take place this month (October 12th) when Dartsmania will take place at Eston institute on Eston High Street. It’s also hoped to make the first ‘Strike It Lucky’ draw on the same day.