Certifications: Quality

Our certifications and accreditations relating to the quality of our products:


ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System; certified since 2002

Our customers are very important and the quality management system has been designed to ensure the company’s products and services meet with customer approval.

The quality management system covers the activities of Cleveland Potash Limited at Boulby Mine, Loftus and Tees Dock Terminal, Middlesbrough.

The quality management system is applicable to:

  • The processing of mined ores into potassium and salt products for agricultural and industrial applications
  • The Safe Loading and Unloading of Bulk carriers at Tees Dock Terminal.


Certification of Environmental Standards (CERES); certified since 2022

Cleveland Potash Ltd holds CERES certification for materials used in Organic Agriculture (Polysulphate Standard and Polysulphate Granular), which can be used in organic farming according to the standards specified within the above document.


Feed Materials Assurance Scheme (FEMAS); certified since 2005

Cleveland Potash Limited holds the FEMAS (Feed Materials Assurance Scheme) standard for the animal feed salt the company supplies to the UK animal feed plants. FEMAS standard provides assurance to purchasers of feed ingredients that the feed ingredients they buy are safe and will meet the quality criteria specified.


Fertiliser Assurance Scheme (FIAS); certified since 2007

Cleveland Potash Limited holds the FIAS standard (Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme).  The FIAS scheme risk assessment considers all aspects of production, storage and movement of product intended for inclusion as fertiliser with respect to product safety, security and legality.


Soil Association; certified since 2012

Soil Association Certification is the UK’s leading organic certification body – certifying over 70% of the growing organic market, covering everything from organic food & drink, to textiles and organic health and beauty products.

Cleveland Potash satisfies the requirements of the Soil Association Standard for non-organic raw materials to be used in organic farming.  The certified products are Sylvinite and Polysulphate.