ICL Group Chairman Visits Boulby Mine

We were delighted and proud recently to welcome the chairman of ICL, our parent company, as he paid a visit to Bouly Mine.

The day-long visit (June 26th) of Johanan Locker included a series of meetings as well as a tour of the key stages of the production site.

He was especially interested in the polyhalite processing plant. Polyhalite is commonly called a super-fertilizer because it has a high concentration of the vital mineral elements needed to grow healthy crops. It is a product that is mined exclusively by ICL UK at Boulby.

“There was no underlying motive to the visit other than a desire to have a look at the site for himself,” said Marc Kirsten our CEO.

Johanan Locker ICL Group chairman

Pictured left, Johanan Locker speaks with a miner.

“He was very interested in finding out more about the communities around here that provide much of our workforce,” Mr Kirsten went on. “He was very interested in the differences and similarities between North Yorkshire and the Teesside areas and was supportive of our planning application extension aimed at securing the future of the mine for decades to come.