Cheers to the Future as Boulby Celebrates Record Breaking Month

Overseer Adrian Sanderson (left) and Shift Manager Wayne Boyes say ‘Cheers’ to 2019 and here’s to 2020

Overseer Adrian Sanderson (left) and Shift Manager Wayne Boyes say ‘Cheers’ to 2019 and here’s to 2020

Workers at ICL Boulby have been toasting a successful 2019 and looking forward to continued success in the year ahead.


With the mine about to complete its first full year as the world’s first and only producer of the ground-break multi-nutrient mineral polyhalite, staff have been presented with engraved tankards and specially brewed beer, marking a record-breaking monthly production figure of over 75,000 tonnes in November as it heads towards annual target of  700,000tonnes.


Polyhalite—marketed as Polysulphate—is a unique, multi-nutrient fertiliser containing sulphur, potassium, calcium and magnesium in soluble, readily absorbed forms. Products using Boulby the mineral mined at Boulby are now helping to increase growth and yields in a wide variety of crops across five continents.


Says ICL Boulby Vice President and General Manager Andrew Fulton “This has been a very important year for everyone involved with the mine. The transition to polyhalite after over 40 years of potash production has been challenging, involving developing completely new mining and production techniques, with significant support from our parent ICL company investing and new equipment and providing research and development, together with worldwide marketing support.


“The presentation of the tankards and beer is a recognition of the united effort which has enabled us to meet the challenges and put us on track for further growth in the year ahead, with a target of hitting a million tonnes in 2020.”