One of our latest community grants should help make things safer for people on the seas off the North Yorkshire coast. An award of £500 means that the crew of the Runswick Bay rescue boat can be provided with training on VHF radio techniques.

James Sewell of our UK sales department has volunteered on the boat since he was sixteen. He explained the importance of the training:

“When at sea the radio is a vital piece of safety equipment and it is crucial to understand the correct procedures – especially when talking to emergency services. We will be able to train for the ‘Short Range Certificate’ which is the minimum qualification required by law to operate VHF equipment on any vessel with a radio flying a British flag,” he explained.

He went on to describe why this training is so necessary:

“It is vital to follow proper communications procedures. Unnecessary or improper transmissions could block out a Mayday distress call, putting lives at risk. The training will make sure all users speak the same language in the correct process. Clear, precise and accurate information is absolutely critical at sea.”

James got involved when he was working as a pot washer in his local pub, the Royal Hotel, and was called upon to assist in a shout. He says the whole crew are grateful for the support offered throughout the years from everyone at the Boulby mine:

“On behalf of the Runswick Bay Rescue Boat I would like to thank the continued support from ICL UK, not only for this funding but also on the support previously received. Without it we couldn’t continue operating to the high standards needed to be a Rescue Facility. Personally I would like to thank ICL UK for supporting me and allowing me the flexibility in work to attend emergency calls if needed in working hours, and the yearly offer of a visit to the underground workings at ICL UK which we use in a Charity Auction.”

James, 33, grew up in the Hinderwell/Runswick area, although he now lives in Skelton. He leaves us shortly to take up a new challenge and we wish him well in his future career.