Cooking Up a Storm

One of the things that marks out our area is that, away from the industrial strip along the Tees and elsewhere, we have some very lovely, but isolated, communities. The North York Moors is a good example so we were glad to help out when the good people who run Boosbeck Village Hall asked for a helping hand.

Every Tuesday they offer a creative session which comes with a free lunch. Then there’s the weekly ‘Snack and Chat’ social on Thursday to help with social isolation and loneliness. That doesn’t take into account the monthly family quiz, breakfast clubs and themed food events that run throughout the year. All the sessions aim to support the community with the rising cost of living…they are BUSY!

The cooker being put to good use at a King’s coronation celebration.

The cooker being put to good use at a King’s coronation celebration. (L-R); Lindsey Mays, Wendy Hood, Paddy O’Rourke, Andrew Mays, Karen O’Rourke.

So, it was a bit of a blow when the oven stopped working. It’s a crucial bit of equipment which is key to providing nourishing meals for those struggling with the cost of living, especially those on low incomes. It also helps provide comfort for those who are lonely or isolated – they can get out of the house and have a decent meal prepared for them.

Lindsey Mays approached us to help out; “We have been struggling to run our events without the cooker. We always encourage people to attend our village hall, they are always greeted with a smile to help them get a sense of belonging. A new cooker would help us run more events and we could hopefully extend our offer and develop activities like cooking classes. It would provide a major source of support for the community venue for years to come. It would be a huge help.”

Then, their problems were made worse by a massive rise in the cost of utilities which is putting their plans for a complete overhaul of the entire kitchen area into jeopardy. But, resourceful as ever, they have a plan. Lindsey again: “We need to increase our income by attracting more private bookings and running events to give us a fighting chance of coping with a massive increase in rising costs. Expanding and improving the current kitchen provision will ensure the longevity of the hall. The cooker is the first step on the long road to be able to do just that.”

You might guess it was a request we couldn’t refuse and it’s already been installed and put to good use providing nourishing meals for locals from all walks of life.

If you’re charity group or organisation would benefit from some financial support, please contact [email protected] for more information on how to apply.