Driving Real Business Improvement: A Success Story at ICL Boulby

As James Brown once sang, “This is a man’s world,” however, in today’s society, this statement is no longer applicable.

Donna Bennison, Project Development Manager at ICL Boulby, has become the first woman in the mining industry to complete her Lean Six Sigma course certified by the Mineral Products Qualification Council. Her achievement is worth celebrating as it breaks barriers and promotes inclusivity in an industry that has historically been male-dominated.

Malcolm Mewett and David Mcluckie presenting Donna with her certificate of achievement.

ICL Boulby values the benefits of employee development and has implemented a training program that not only enhances skills, but also drives business improvement. The White Belt Course is mandatory for all new employees during their induction, with further courses available at Yellow and Green levels based on job position.

Donna is the most recent program graduate who has successfully implemented a project that has added significant value to the company. She has mastered the structured methodology of the Lean Six Sigma process, including Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control (DMAIC), which enables her to solve problems efficiently and effectively.

Donna’s Completion of a Comprehensive Training Program

Donna underwent an intensive training program that required her to complete various steps and offer proof of using different tools and techniques. These included Supplier, Input, Process, Output, Customer (SIPOC) and Project Charters, Data Collection and Analysis, Process Mapping and Problem Solving, Improvement Techniques like 5S and Visual Management, as well as Control Plans like Standard Work. Donna then consolidated all her evidence into a portfolio.

In addition, she attended six days of training, where she completed exercises and quizzes at each stage, culminating in a final exam at the end of the course.

Donna has accomplished a remarkable feat by meeting all the course requirements and presenting a project that is beneficial to ICL Boulby, and she is acknowledged as a beacon of excellence when it comes to delivering improvements.