Forest Festival Boost from Boulby Mine

ICL UK Managing Director, Marc Kirsten, presents Ted Amos with a cheque to help support this year’s Guisborough Forest Festival.

We have provided a cash boost to this year’s Guisborough Forest Festival. A cheque for £500 has been handed to Ted Amos, chair of the Friends of Guisborough Forest and Walkway Group.

“We’re really grateful to ICL UK for this donation,” he said. “It means we can bring in ‘Circus Stars on Tour‘ who will provide day long entertainment at the event.”

Marko and Tommy Bungle the clown will provide visitors with a clown show including magic, circus skills and puppets and will mingle with the crowd to ensure everyone has a great time.

Ted Amos and Marc Kirsten

Last year some 4,000 people attended the event and the organisers hope it will be even more successful this year.

Marc Kirsten, ICL UK Managing Director, said: “We are delighted to make this contribution to help defray the costs of putting on this community event.”

“We are a small registered charity,” explained Mr Amos. “Support like this helps us avoid having to dig in to our limited reserves.”