Former Boulby Apprentice Gets in Touch

Jan U Barraclough

Jan, originally from Loftus, now lives in Australia

Earlier this year we got a surprise message via our Facebook page. It’s from a former employee – Jan U Barraclough. If anybody remembers him please get in touch. Anyway, he came from Loftus but his travels have taken him all over the world.

Here’s what his message said:“Served my time at CPL, starting in 1986. Was probably the worst apprentice ever to pass through the gates. I imagine I gave Ted Martucci headaches with my ineptness.

“Now in 2019, I live in Australia, have worked all around the world Tajikistan, Mongolia x2, Australia (every state), USA, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea x 2, Sudan, Cote D’Ivoire, Zambia, Guyana and passed through a whole lot more.

“Considering I was a snotty nosed kid from Loftus, my apprenticeship has opened up the world for me.

“Thank you for the opportunity.”


We are aiming to get in touch with Jan to find out more about his adventures. But if any current member of staff remembers him please get in touch so we can share some memories.