Guisborough: Another Victim of Lockdown

Guisborough won’t be in full bloom this year, another victim of the virus lockdown….

Images of previous years’ Guisborough in Bloom displays

Images of previous years’ Guisborough in Bloom displays

“I’ve been chair of the Guisborough in Bloom group for going on twenty years and I’ve never known anything like it.’” So said Mike Kirby as plans to once again provide a blaze of floral colour throughout the market town have had to be put on ice this year.


“It’s very sad and we are really disappointed as we had planned a really bright and colourful display this year,” said Mike.


The small group of ten volunteers had received 240 begonia plans from the local allotment Society which were earmarked for the flower fountains. They, along with all the other plants raised for the event, are now in a greenhouse facing an uncertain future.


In order to fund the display every year, the group has to raise some £6,500, to pay for planting, watering, installation and insurance, for the 114 baskets, 3 flower fountains and the bed in the car park.  About half that comes from sponsorship, with a further £500 from fundraising events and the remainder from grants and donations.  Among these was £500 from the Community Fund run by ICL Boulby, money which will now have to stay in the bank until next year.


Guisborough in Bloom display



“We are happy to support Guisborough in Bloom every year and we will continue to do so,” said Andrew Fulton ICL UK Vice President and Boulby General Manger. “But this pandemic has affected and disrupted the lives of everyone.”


“We are incredibly grateful to the company for supporting us every year with a generous donation. But the health and safety of everyone involved has to come first – and there is no guarantee that we could get the baskets delivered, put them up, or get them watered,” added Mike.