In the past we have regularly assisted the Friends of Guisborough Forest and Walkway as they request funding for a variety of schemes to improve the facility and make the site more enjoyable for people who like to spend a few hours out of doors.

This year is no exception and it has a distinct environmental improvement feel.

We asked Countryside Ranger Katherine Knox to explain how our latest donation would be used:

“We will be using the donation to desilt the trackside ponds at Guisborough Branch Walkway. They’re an important part of the drainage network, and an important part of the wider wetland wildlife habitat.


One of the silted up ponds that will soon be flowing freely.

“Ponds silt up naturally especially when they are linked to streams, such as the ones at the walkway. However, it’s important to dredge them periodically to prevent them causing a flooding issue. It increases the flow of water to reduce stagnation and cut down on the build-up of excessive nutrients in the ponds from land run off. This is called eutrophication and leads to an over dense growth of plant life. By preventing this we can enhance their potential to attract wildlife. It also looks a lot better,” she added.

The work is expected to take place in the Autumn, as this is the least damaging time from a wildlife perspective. It will be done with a mini digger from a local business.

So if you’re already thinking of planning some of your autumn walks, here is one you should give some serious thought.