ICL joins earthquake rescue operation

As the international efforts to aid the victims of the massive earthquakes which have affected Turkey and Syria are stepped up, a specially trained rescue team from ICL Group based in Israel, the parent company of ICL Boulby, has joined in the operation.

With the death toll already estimated at over 5,000 and many thousands more injured and still missing, the ICL Group Rescue Crew, which has been involved in previous operations, including the aftermath of the earthquake tragedy in Mexico in 2017, left for the affected area yesterday, carrying specialised equipment, tools, and warm clothing, and is engaged in the rescue efforts.

Aid is already being sent to the affected region from the UN, EU, NATO and the governments of the US, UK, China, Russia, India, Japan, Iraq, Iran, Australia, New Zealand, Greece, Pakistan, among others.

The 7.8 magnitude quake struck near Gaziantep in the early hours of Monday while people were asleep. It was followed by a 7.5-magnitude tremor together with many aftershocks.

Members of the ICL Group Rescue Team prepare to join the rescue operation.