ICL record year and production rises at Boulby

The Group President and Chief Executive Officer of the ICL Group, the parent company of the ICL Boulby polyhalite mine in North Yorkshire, has announced that 2022 was a record—breaking year with an increase of 44% in group consolidated sales and operating income up by 194%.

Raviv Zoller described 2022 as, without doubt, the group’s most impressive year, reflected in record results on all fronts, including a significant rise in production at Boulby, the world’s first and only producer of the multi-nutrient mineral polyhalite, marketed as Polysulphate.

During the year the group implemented changes to its managerial structure which saw Boulby’s activities transferred to ICL’s Growing Solutions segment, aimed at enhancing its position in core markets including speciality agriculture.

With Polysulphate-based products recording increased annual sales. Boulby saw its annual production increase by 21% cent to 953,000 tonnes.

Commented ICL Boulby Vice President and General Manager Malcolm Mewett “We are delighted to have played a part in delivering ICL’s record results. Once again it is a tribute to the efforts and commitment of everyone involved which saw us able to successfully make the transition from potash to polyhalite, maintain operations throughout the challenges of the pandemic and now drive forward to secure the future.”