Introducing ICL Specialty Fertilizers

“You knew us as Everris, Fuentes, Nu3 and F&C. Now we are one.”

ICL Group, the parent company of ICL UK, has brought together four major fertilizer companies to form ICL Speciality Fertilizers. The amagalmation of these four well known brands form three main products areas under the ICL Specialty Fertilizers umbrella.

The aim of ICL Specialty Fertilizers is to ‘make plants, crops and grass grow better.’ This is achieved with advanced nutrition technologies which ensure maximum growth. However, most importantly, ICL Specialty Fertilizers recognise that increased growth must never come at the expense of the environment.

To find out more about ICL Specialty Fertilizers and what products are best suited to your needs, please visit the official website.

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Product areas:

  • Speciality Agriculture – Fruit, vegetables and arable crops. The main brands are Agroleaf Power®Nonacid® and Agroblen®

  • Turf and Amenity  – Products include Sierraform®, ProTurf® and Proselect®

  • Ornamental Horticulture – Ideal for nursery stock, perennials and pot/bedding plants. Products include Osmocote®, Peters® and Universol®.

ICL Specialty Fertilizers offers a range of specialty products which include innovative technologies such as controlled and slow release fertilizers and a leading range of solubles for the specialty agricultural market. In the ornamental and turf & amenity market, they offer complete plant protection products and growth enhancers.

“Grow more and better with less.”

– ICL Specialty Fertilizers