Indian Market Opening Up to Boulby Products

Some of the 3,250 farmers attending a seminar in Maharashtra, who were able to meet our agronomy team to discuss the benefits of Polysulphate-based fertiliser products for their crops.

As ICL Boulby—the world’s first and only producer of the revolutionary mineral polyhalite—continues to step up production, its fertiliser products are now attracting growing interest in the huge Indian market.


Suppliers across the sub-continent are now stepping up sales of the Boulby product-marketed as Polysulphate-which provides a unique combination of sulphur, potassium, magnesium and calcium, all vital to plant growth and yields.

This apple grower in Himachal Pradesh, North India has made the decision to buy Boulby-produced Polysulphate for his orchard.

Says ICL Boulby General Manager and Vice President Andrew Fulton “As the world’s second largest country in population terms the challenge for its farmers and growers in maximising food production for over 1.3billion people is vital.


“Now our ICL parent company is making major strides in developing the market for Polysulphate in India—recently over three thousand farmers attended a seminar in Maharashtra state where the ICL agronomy team explained how they could benefit from using our products.”


The Boulby mine continues to break production records as it heads towards its target of 700,000 tonnes this year, aiming to reach a million tonnes by the end of 2020 and 1.3million tonnes by 2023.


With field trials demonstrating that Polysulphate can boost growth and yields across a wide range of crops, it is now being sold in countries across five continents.