Mining Museum gets 14,000 visitors

Ex-potash miner at Boulby Mine has commented that the support offered to the museum by ICL UK has been valuable “without a doubt”.

Alan Chilton, 82, worked at Boulby Mine before sadly leaving for health reasons, but his involvement and commitment to mining and the local community did not end there. After beginning as a volunteer guide, the Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum in Skinningrove was looking for a new mine manager, and Alan instantly wanted to get involved.

Last year the museum had around 14,000 visitors and a multitude of school visits. “We think it is very successful for a relatively small operation”, says Alan.

He has named ICL UK as one invaluable supporter of the mining museum. “We really do owe a debt of gratitude to what is now ICL UK,” he says, in regards to equipment aid, meeting room accesses and help in general. “It’s all stuff that makes the difference between us being a museum that can keep going, making a profit and improving bit by bit, or struggling to survive”.