‘More Green Space’ Programme Begins at ICL Boulby

A significant programme of work aimed at improving the appearance and landscape around the ICL Boulby mine in East Cleveland will shortly get underway.

The changes will involve the decommissioning and dismantling of a number of structures previously required for potash production but no longer required following the mine’s switch to become the world’s first and only producer of the ground-breaking multi-nutrient mineral polyhalite which is marketed as Polysulphate.

Say Grahame Wallace Head, of Engineering and Processing at ICL Boulby “The move to Polysulphate production has affected all operations at Boulby and offers the opportunity to reduce the industrial footprint of the site, creating more green space and encouraging greater flora and fauna.

“We are working with the North York Moors National Park Authority on the developments and throughout the operations we will taking steps to minimise the impact on the local area, including measures to deal with dust control, noise and vibration issues.”

The programme of work is expected to begin shortly and last for six months.

A leaflet explaining the plans has been circulated to local residents, which can be viewed here.