NeoAngels: The Charity Supporting Premature Babies in Teesside

Of all the charities, groups and organisations that come to us asking for financial help via out Community Grant scheme not many tug the heartstrings as those applications from people who want to raise money for NeoAngels.

This is a charity which supports premature babies on the neonatal units at the University hospitals of North Tees and James Cook in Teesside. The help they gave one couple led to them organising a fundraising walk from Saltburn to Whitby. Here’s why in the words of mum Chloe Brown.

“We will be forever grateful to the amazing team of nurses, specialist doctors and consultants at the neonatal intensive care unit at James Cook. Our son Jacques James Pearson was born eight weeks early and needed care 24/7 for eighteen days.

Jacques James the fighter.

“Alongside that was the support we received from NeoAngels during this difficult time. They offered financial support and help with food, travel, parking fees, parent counselling and so much more. They are always in need of help to get more specialist equipment, incubators, family rooms, breast pumps etc. The list is endless…

“Jacques James is now a thriving seven-month-old, but a little before that we determined to give something back. So, to recognise the eighteen days he spent in special care we organised a walk from Saltburn to Whitby which is – eighteen miles.

“Roughly around thirty people took part in the walk in April and, in total, we raised just under five thousand and fifty pounds. Everyone finished the walk, which was amazing considering one suffered a fracture in her foot and the weather conditions on the day were not very pleasant. But it was worth every blister.”

Jacques James winning through!

If you are seeking funding or would like more information on the ICL Boulby Community Funding Scheme, please contact [email protected]. This will allow you to get in touch with the relevant department and receive guidance on the application process. It is important to be clear and concise in your email, outlining your project and any relevant details.