New Bridge Restores Loftus Footpath Link

Access to a popular footpath in Loftus has now been restored thanks to the opening of a new bridge funded by ICL Boulby.

Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland MP Sir Simon Clarke joined with ICL Boulby General Manager and Vice President Graham Wallace to officially open the new Rose Water Bridge which provides access from the junction with Water Lane to the junction with the Rose Cottage track.

MP Sir Simon Clarke (left) with Loftus Mayor Councillor Barry Hunt, ICL Boulby General Manager and Vice President Graham Wallace, and staff from AmcoGiffen, officially opens the new Rose Water bridge.

The metal bridge replaces the previous wooden structure which had to be closed two years again after inspections showed it needed to be replaced entirely. ICI Boulby worked with engineering partners AmcoGiffen on the construction of the bridge which makes a significant contribution to the regeneration of Loftus and local leisure facilities.

Celebrating the opening of the new bridge as a train passes below.