NHS: Clapping Down Below

As people across the country continue to ‘clap for the NHS’ every Thursday evening, among them is a group of workers far underground.

They are workers at ICL Boulby in East Cleveland—at 1,400 metres the second deepest mine in Europe and the world’s only producer of the multi-nutrient mineral polyhalite, stretching out to 9 kilometres under the sea. Every Thursday staff working underground and on the surface show their support for all those at the front line in tackling the Covid 19 virus.


The mine has been recognised as an essential business, contributing to the need to maintain food supplies, and has maintained production throughout the current crisis, even setting a new daily total for processing polyhalite.


Says Andrew Fulton, ICL Boulby’s General Manager and Vice President “In an industry which works constantly to manage safety issues, we feel particularly aware of the challenges facing those working in the health and care services and want to show our appreciation and support.”


The company has developed a detailed ‘Barriers of Control’ programme of safety measures in response to the Covid 19 threat, using its long-standing experience in risk management and assessment as well as fully consulting with experts, medical practitioners and a cross section of the workforce, particularly site safety representatives.