North East Boost to Vegan and Organic Food Demand…

The ‘wonder fertiliser’ polysulphate being mined at Boulby.


As health-conscious Britons reach half way through the challenge of going vegan this month – Veganuary – they may not be aware of the role played by local company ICL UK at Boulby.


For vegans, and all consumers who prefer organic foods, are finding a greater quantity and quality of food choices thanks to polyhalite – the super-fertiliser mined at Boulby. It is the only place in the world extracting the mineral which is processed and sold as ‘Polysulphate’.


The UK Soil Association has awarded it organic fertiliser status and it is now being used world-wide by farmers keen to improve crop yields to a demanding market in an environmentally friendly way.


It follows a study by waste and sustainability experts Filkin and Co. which discovered that polyhalite is far more environmentally friendly than other fertilisers—with a ‘carbon footprint’ just a fraction of many other products.


So as more and more people seek a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle a fertiliser mined exclusively in the north east is helping famers across the globe meet the increased demand.