Polyhalite Mine: 300+ Pancakes Go down a Treat

Pancake Day at Boulby Mine

Charlotte serving a peckish customer

Shrove Tuesday meant an earlier start than usual for caterer Charlotte Marsay.


Charlotte provides on-site catering for anyone hungry at the ICL Boulby site in east Cleveland. But today (Tuesday 5th March) she was tasked with providing pancake treats for anyone who fancied one.


Starting work at 04:30 she and her assistant Gaynor Earl put together more than 300 pancakes and was handing them out as the first miners went underground shortly after.


Then it was over to the administration block to meet the growing demand before heading off to the laboratory and surface plant area to feed more staff.


“It’s been busier than usual after a very early start but I was asked to come in and provide a special treat to mark the day, so I was only too happy to help,” said Charlotte.


Pancake Day at Boulby Mine

The pancakes proved a popular treat for all

As well as the pancakes people were offered a choice of toppings from sugar, lemon juice, and golden syrup.


Andrew Fulton, Boulby Vice President, said: “It’s just a small gesture to thank the workforce for the incredible effort they’ve put in all year round, but especially during the shift to focus on polyhalite production.”


The gesture follows a Christmas gift when over 500 packs of specially brewed beers from the prize-winning Great Yorkshire Brewery at Cropton near Pickering were distributed to the workforce.


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