Runswick Bay Rescue Boat Auction

Boulby Mine is the deepest mine in the UK, with over 600 miles of underground roads and tunnels laid out over 1,100 metres below the Earth’s surface. The mine is the world’s only provider of polyhalite, a multi-nutrient mineral and a great fertilizer for crop farming, and is also home to the STFC Underground Laboratory which hosts a number of exciting science research projects, including the search for Dark Matter.

So, how much would you bid in an auction for a visit underground at Boulby Mine? The annual Runswick Bay Rescue Boat (RBRB) Beef Supper and Auction Evening, 15th August 2016, saw a bidding frenzy over just that – a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes at one of the last and biggest working mines in the country. The lucky winner and highest bidder was Mr Thomas Bottomley from Leeds. His conducted tour will begin with a site induction and company presentation before he descends 1,150 metres underground and takes a 40 minute bus journey 13km out under the North Sea.

The money from Mr Bottomley’s winning bid will go towards the RBRB:

The Runswick Bay Rescue Boat is a registered charity, number 1014544. RBRB survives entirely on your donations, the fundraising efforts of the local community and occasional grants which the charity committee applies for whenever these grants become available. Although the crew and committee all give their time voluntarily, RBRB has substantial running costs amounting to between £10,000 and £15,000 annually to ensure that this vital service remains operational. In addition to the day to day running costs, such as fuel and maintenance, the actual level expenditure in any one year depends on the need to replace capital items such as dry suits, helmets and life jackets, or replacing the hull or engine which we generally do every 5 years. We are therefore entirely dependent on your support, and we greatly appreciate every penny we receive. [Taken from RBRB website]

We hope Mr Bottomley enjoys his trip!