Shuttle Car 6 Return to Service: A Success Story of Refurbishment and Dedication

A major refurbishment of key underground equipment has recently been completed at the ICL Boulby polyhalite mine in East Cleveland.

The project involved an investment over half a million pounds in upgrading one of the fleet of shuttle cars which receive polyhalite from the continuous miners which extract the mineral and then transport it to conveyor belts.

(L-R) Stewart Jones, Chris Smith, Gary Milburn, Kriss Reders (KMC), Jimmy Hodgson, Keith Hill, Craig Beckwith, Tony Richardson (KMC).

The work on Shuttle Car Six involved replacement of the machine’s chassis and is the fourth of the mine’s shuttle car fleet to be refurbished by ICL’s Underground Heavy Build Up Bay Team working in partnership with Komatsu Mining Corp.

Commented Boulby General Manager and Vice President, Graham Wallace, “The successful completion of the project underlines the professionalism and dedication of the team which make a major contribution to ensuring that we can maintain the highest standards of safety and efficiency in our operations.

The bare chassis ready for rebuild.

There will be no let-up in the team’s programme in the coming year as we embark on the refurbishment of our bolter fleet.”