They’re The Spud Superstars

Once again local youngsters have come up trumps in this year’s ICL Boulby ‘Polypotato’ competition which aims to show the benefits of the unique fertiliser produced at the mine.

Under the ‘Ord Jack Tatey’ mascot entrants collect potato growing kits from the mine, using PotashpluS fertiliser to produce prize-winning crops at the same as raising environmental awareness.

At the end of the growing season winners in the various categories are all presented with Amazon vouchers.

Says ICL Boulby’s Head of Agronomy Scott Garnett, who provides advice on how to get the best potatoes “This is a great way to encourage young people to get involved, understand about sustainability—and have fun!”

This year’s winners include:

Largest Potato: Bodhi Verrill.

Largest Yield: Harriet and George Robinson.

Uniformity of three potatoes: Esklets Pre-School, Danby

The winners for Best Selfie; The Barker Family with their Couch Potatoes.