Time again to recognise our Women in Science

This year we are once again proud to mark the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Friday 11th February is the date and we didn’t want to let it pass without finding out more from one of our own specialists – Laboratory Assistant Jasmine Cook.


Jasmine working in the labs.

Having grown up just up the road in Carlin How Jasmine went to Freebrough Specialist Engineering College in Brotton. From there she attended Redcar College before studying forensic science at the University of Lincoln. While on that course she got involved in lab work and studied modules which included analytical chemistry – her focus here at Boulby. Like many women Jasmine was unsure about a career in science and first enrolled in a course at art college:

“While I enjoyed the art course, I am glad that I changed directions. A career in science may typically be considered a male-dominant environment so, at first, I thought that it may not necessarily be for me, and that I may feel a little intimidated. That could not have been further from the truth. I took a plunge into the course, which allowed me to challenge myself and also prove to myself that the only thing holding me back was myself.”

Upon completion she was approached by a scientific recruitment agency and the art world’s loss was science and ICL’s gain: “As a laboratory analyst here at Boulby I test samples using expert laboratory instrumentation in order to collect and record data on various geology samples. We recognise that the quality of our product is required to be in a certain limit of specification, so we pay fine attention to detail and accurately test and research this through the standard operating procedures.”

Jasmine is also keen to point out that she is far from the only female in the lab – let alone other areas of our operation: “Not at all, we’ve also had other female students come here for summer placement work experience in between their years at university. I have not encountered any gender inequality in the workplace throughout my time here. I do feel supported by my other team members and I feel that I could confide in my manager if any gender inequality should arise.”


So far so good, but Jasmine might not be done yet:

“I have been employed at Boulby for three years and counting and I’m quite content with my job here as an analyst. It’s good to know that the company also provides the opportunity to progress further with my education. I may choose at some point to work towards a master’s degree, but that’s in the future for now.”

Whatever Jasmine decides she would have our full support and we would confidently predict that she would be a success.

For more information on ICL Careers, please visit: https://careers.icl-group.com/?locale=en_GB