Time to welcome our two new locomotives – Polly and Hailey

Polly has been in service for a little while but just a few days ago we welcomed the winners of the competition to name the second engine to take up shunting duties on site. Step forward Liam McCready, who came up with the name Hailey, brother Sean McCready, father Ian McCready and best friend Matthew Young (L-R pictured below). The sharp eyed amongst you will probably see where that came from…but it was just one of an incredible number of entries.

We were astonished to receive well over fourteen thousand suggestions in the closing twenty-three hours of the competition alone. It amounted to about 619 new entries per hour!

The successful group got an Amazon gift voucher and a visit underground as a thank you. “It was a very enjoyable and great experience” says Liam.

One of the vouchers awarded for the first naming was won by our own Katie Robinson who donated it to Michael Barclay, a Technical Process Technician at Boulby, to offer as a prize to raise funds for the Ray Barclay Foundation. This was set up last year by Mike in memory of his father who died from a suspected stroke after years of battling a number of cancers.

The Foundation is now a registered charity with the aim of providing grants towards organisations with a focus on, but not limited to, medical research, aid for the young, and aid for the sick, disabled and disadvantaged.

If you’re keen on a game of arrows and you would like to help out a worthy cause keep a sharp eye out for the forthcoming ‘Dartsmania 2’ fundraiser which will take place on Saturday 15th October at the Eston and Normanby Social Club. Doors open at 6:30pm.