Two ways you can help ease the suffering in Ukraine

There can’t be many of us who hasn’t been utterly appalled by the scenes coming out of eastern Europe after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Heart-breaking scenes of human misery which, I’m sure, has left many viewers in floods of tears and fits of anger.

Well, one of our own has decided to do something about it. Sue Winspear, a Cleaning Manager from our contractors Champions, felt so strongly about the devastation that happened last week that she made her first trip to deliver aid items.

Sue Winspear, Cleaning Manager, ready to deliver donations.

But she wanted to do more so she has asked for assistance from co-workers at Boulby and Teesdock to club together and make aid donations.

Her boss, Jane Barker, Director of Champion Contract Services (North East) Ltd has this message; “Thank you to all for the support and donations for the Ukraine Appeal and a huge thank you to our cleaning manager Sue for organising the goods and transporting them to the designated drop off centre.”


Some of the donations delivered to collection containers.

We wholeheartedly support Sue but, in order to maximise the impact donations can make we wanted to draw your attention to the recently launched DEC Humanitarian Appeal. It brings together fifteen leading UK charities to raise funds quickly and efficiently. They say:

“Sending clothes and blankets overseas is often not cost effective. Shipping also takes time. What people give today might not be what people need tomorrow. Wherever possible, Oxfam and other DEC member agencies buy items locally or from countries in the affected region. This stimulates the local economy and has a lower environmental impact. That’s why making a cash donation is one of the most effective ways to support us.”

In addition, for every pound donated to the DEC the Government will match it, up to a ceiling of £20,000. For more information go to www.oxfam.org.uk. You can give directly or at the post office.

Whichever aid effort you decide to support we know that you will find it in your hearts to be generous.