Whitby Museum is taking safety seriously – with a little help from us!

When it comes to occupations it is clearly the case that mining is a lot more dangerous then working in a museum or library. But knowledge of safe working practices, such as the ones we use every day, can be turned to good advantage in any walk of life.

For some years now we have been providing Whitby Museum with expert advice on how best to make sure the four full-time staff and around fifty volunteers carry out their duties safely without harming themselves or others.

Earlier this summer our Technical Trainer Steve Whyman went along to give a presentation on manual handling and working at height. The former focused on the proper technique for the safe lifting of items to avoid back and other injuries.

Hazel Wright, Museum Manager, was very pleased with the input: “Steve’s training was very informative and delivered in a way that was extremely engaging. Everyone who attended commented on how they had enjoyed it. He has offered to help us with other training in the future as well. As a charity and mainly volunteer organisation the offer of this professional expertise at no cost to the charity is very much appreciated and allows us to fulfil our safety obligations.”

For his part Steve was only too happy to provide the advice he has been unable to pass on since 2017 as a result of the pandemic.

Steve delivering our Working at Height training program.