Youngers with disabilities and an olympic hopeful awarded financial support

March 29, 2017–Hard on the heels of the announcement of a major public planning consultation programme Cleveland Potash Limited (owned and operated by ICL UK) has released details of its ongoing Community Grants programme.

In the latest tranche of awards the biggest grant of almost seven thousand pounds (£6,912.00) has gone to InterActive Whitby and District. This small charity works in the local community to provide quality, inclusive play and leisure opportunities and respite care for local children and young people with a wide range of disabilities and additional needs.

“This grant will be a huge help to us,” said Helen Panconi. “It will fund four enablers for a year, to provide one to one care, support and encouragement to some of the youngsters attending our weekend outings and activities.”

InterActive runs a varied programme of weekend and holiday outings; from festivals, bowling, cycling, theatre or cinema trips for the older young people to swimming, soft play, trampolining or wildlife adventures for the younger group.

Also benefitting is Maia Hall, 14, from Sleights and a pupil at Eskdale School in Whitby. She has been given a £1,000 sports grant to enable her to continue training as she bids to compete at International level. She swims for the Loftus Dolphins, under head coach Barbara Wilkinson, and has won gold medals at county and regional level and a bronze nationally. She specialises in the breaststroke and in the UK she currently ranked second in the 50 metres, fifth in the 100m and fourth at 200m.

Her father, Mike Hall said, “This will really help offset the costs of competing. Race suits are £200-£300 each and Maia gets through two a season. Then there are the travelling costs and overnight stays in hotels.”

Maia trains five to six times a week in Loftus and has extra sessions in Sunderland at the weekend. She has attended phase two of the England Talent Pathway camp in Sheffield, which is aimed at getting British swimmers onto the podium at the Olympic games.

“We are absolutely delighted to help with these, and other, grants,” said Managing Director Marc Kirsten. “We have a long-standing commitment to the people and communities around this area and we intend to maintain that contact,” he added.

Charities, organisations, and individuals who meet the criteria can apply for funding from Cleveland Potash. All awards are at the discretion of the Managing Director.

For more information or to apply to the programme ring 01287 646514 or contact [email protected].


Photo caption: Olympic hopeful Maia Hall in action.

NOTE FOR EDITORS: For further information email [email protected]