The Mine Today

Boulby Mine, the deepest in the UK, has been producing potash since 1973 and recently became the world’s first Polyhalite mine, supplying customers around the world.


Boulby Mine satisfies almost half of the UK’s Rock Salt needs each year – used mainly for de-icing roads, we extract more than 350,000 tonnes of salt each year.


Recently we have changed production to focus on polyhalite, which we market as Polysulphate. It has a unique combination of four minerals (sulphur, potassium, magnesium and calcium) essential for plant life and classified as an organic fertiliser by the Soil Association.


We are looking to increase polyhalite output to approximately 1.3 million tonnes per year by 2023.


We currently employ just over 500 people directly and many more in our suppliers.  As the largest employer in East Cleveland, we are committed to our people and we are the cornerstone of the local economy.